Thailand is a country that get a important part of its GPD in the tourism. You will find there, installation for visitors such as the bus transports, flight, accommodation, rent of motorbike, kayak, snorkeling stuff, restaurant.. You will definitely find all you need nearby. The authority have even been used to not check if the foreigner have their driving licence with them, and if they don't, that would be to make some pocket money. Personally I advice you to avoid Bangkok and go directly to the most remote places with your rented motorbike. You don't want to see the ugly mass tourism sex traffic but more like the traditional peaceful and colorful part of this country that didn't get ravaged by tourism.


Thailand will offer you all kinds of activities in very competitive prices compared to the rest of the world. I have particulary appreciated the open water certificate in Koh Tao, my first sceance of kite-surf in Koh-phangan, the trekking in Chang Mai, the nights with open skies, the visit of traditional villages, the bamboo rafting and the elephants in Chang Mai. Without speaking about the uncountable scooter trip to visit around all the places I have been. This being said, there are things to take care of, for example, how they treat their elephants, the drugs they give to the tigers to hug and the manner they respect local population. All national parc are quite expensive, the policies will not like to see you coming with a tent..


Beside all the physical activities that i mentioned before, there are still some peaceful things to do, such as the visit of the temple all around Thailand, the beautiful landscapes, the traditional markets, the massages you can get. There are also many kind of show that you can assist such as fire jungling, traditional dances and songs without forget the very famous "ping pong show" that you can watch around some delicious Thai food. If you are located in the most tourist area in Thailand, yes i talk about Pukhet, you will find the main street filled with "girls" and alcohol that will try to consome your wallet.


If i should compare Indonesia and Thailand, I would say that Thailand is much more open for tourism and I would add that it's a old tourism country : Many people speak basic english and you will be understood in some very remote places there. I didn't get any problem communicating with the people, and I haven't see more poverty there than in other places in the world. I haven't seen many begers in the street and i always felt very safe ( even in the roads ). The people are cheerful, friendly and respectful. The perfect combinaison to attract tourism. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to make a real Thai friend, that's probably because changed place very frequently.


Oh the taste of the food from Thailand will always remain in my memory as the tastiest and heathiest of all. I miss it already. The fruits, the meat, the vegetables and the juices.. are just exellent and very cheap ! I would come back there just for the food ! There is a lot of mix of rice/pasta with fruits in the recipe you will find. And it's not spicy ! You won't even need to worry about the quality of the food there, I always recieved good food quality !
In the Chang Mai there are still ogres,they will probably eat you if you walk out of the trekking path.
The Buses always start their path in the good time, but the time to arrive in not so sure.
The animals lives free outside in some places, that give them the best quality ever.
Usually 3$ were enough for me to eat well garnished food with drinks.
In Thailand at least, fruits and vegetables have a real good taste !
The Tiger Balm can be used to get rid of the mosquitos